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Welcome to Cosmo Crafter

Cosmo Crafter is an immersive science-fiction, spacial strategy game. Begin with a Command Center on a remote settlement, mine resources, build advanced spacecrafts, and form strategic alliances. Engage in epic battles, explore dynamic multiverses, and dominate the cosmos. Adapt, strategize, and conquer in a universe where your decisions shape your destiny. Create your account and let the adventure in the stars begin now.

A Universe of Possibilities

Cosmo Crafter is set in a richly detailed universe where diverse races, each with unique abilities, vie for supremacy. From the resource-rich Gas Giants of the Nebuloids to the icy Tundra Planets of the Cryxonites, explore and exploit the distinct characteristics of each race and their home worlds. Use 13 different resources, each with unique properties, to advance your civilization.

Advanced Gameplay

Cosmo Crafter boasts a deep and intricate gameplay system. Build essential structures like the Command Center, Mining Facility, and Research Lab to expand your settlement's capabilities. Form alliances through the Galactic Embassy, trade at the Trade Station, and manage your resources at the Storage Depot. Use the Refinery to create new materials, unlocking powerful new units.


Master the strategic complexities of interstellar trade, fuel management, and celestial mechanics. Plan your attacks and defenses considering the dynamic gravitational forces and the ever-changing positions of celestial bodies. Use treaties and bounties to forge alliances and outmaneuver your enemies.


Choose from seven unique races, each with distinct abilities and home planets, to tailor your strategy and dominate the cosmos.