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CosmoCrafter is a fascinating space exploration game where you can build your own cosmos. Create and customize planets, star systems, and entire galaxies. Explore the vast space, discover new celestial bodies, and craft your unique universe.

As the master of your universe, you decide the fate of your cosmic creations. Create peaceful and prosperous galaxies or instigate stellar conflicts, the choice is entirely yours. CosmoCrafter offers endless possibilities and countless hours of fun.

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In CosmoCrafter, you'll enjoy features such as real-time universe simulation, in-depth cosmic customization, multiple game modes, and much more. Connect with other CosmoCrafters in our community and share your creations, strategies, and stories.

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Known for their vast architectural prowess and ability to efficiently extract minerals, with particular proficiency in space exploration. They've adapted to survive on Lava Planets and have developed a unique currency known as the Lava Coin, reflective of their habitat.

±170 Settlements Available
Currency: Lava Coin
Currency Exchange Rates
1 Lava Coin 9 Frost Dollars
1 Lava Coin 67500 Gas Gems
1 Lava Coin 13.5 Leaf Credits
1 Lava Coin 13.5 Star Tokens
1 Lava Coin 5.4 Terra Tokens
1 Lava Coin 27 Wave Credits


A highly intelligent race, renowned for their advanced research capabilities, formidable defenses, and dedication to space exploration. They thrive on Forest Planets and use a unique currency named Leaf Credits.

±90 Settlements Available
Currency: Leaf Credits
Currency Exchange Rates
1 Leaf Credits 0.66667 Frost Dollars
1 Leaf Credits 5000 Gas Gems
1 Leaf Credits 0.07407 Lava Coin
1 Leaf Credits 1 Star Tokens
1 Leaf Credits 0.4 Terra Tokens
1 Leaf Credits 2 Wave Credits


Prolific in ship building and market trading, with a keen interest in research. They inhabit Terrestrial environments and their currency of trade is Star Tokens.

±440 Settlements Available
Currency: Star Tokens
Currency Exchange Rates
1 Star Tokens 0.66667 Frost Dollars
1 Star Tokens 5000 Gas Gems
1 Star Tokens 0.07407 Lava Coin
1 Star Tokens 1 Leaf Credits
1 Star Tokens 0.4 Terra Tokens
1 Star Tokens 2 Wave Credits


Experts in space exploration and research, with an affinity for mineral extraction. They have adapted to life on Gas Giants and their economy operates on Gas Gems.

±110 Settlements Available
Currency: Gas Gems
Currency Exchange Rates
1 Gas Gems 0 Frost Dollars
1 Gas Gems 0 Lava Coin
1 Gas Gems 0 Leaf Credits
1 Gas Gems 0 Star Tokens
1 Gas Gems 0 Terra Tokens
1 Gas Gems 0 Wave Credits


Known for their strong defenses and architectural capabilities, as well as a fascination with space exploration. They inhabit Dwarf Planets and Tundra Planets, and their currency is the Frost Dollar.

±240 Settlements Available
Currency: Frost Dollars
Currency Exchange Rates
1 Frost Dollars 7500 Gas Gems
1 Frost Dollars 0.11111 Lava Coin
1 Frost Dollars 1.5 Leaf Credits
1 Frost Dollars 1.5 Star Tokens
1 Frost Dollars 0.6 Terra Tokens
1 Frost Dollars 3 Wave Credits


Masters of market trading and ship building, with a knack for mineral extraction. They've adapted to thrive in the conditions of Ocean Planets and their currency is the Wave Credit.

±70 Settlements Available
Currency: Wave Credits
Currency Exchange Rates
1 Wave Credits 0.33333 Frost Dollars
1 Wave Credits 2500 Gas Gems
1 Wave Credits 0.03704 Lava Coin
1 Wave Credits 0.5 Leaf Credits
1 Wave Credits 0.5 Star Tokens
1 Wave Credits 0.2 Terra Tokens


Expert market traders with a strong emphasis on research and defenses. They live on both Terrestrial and Forest Planets and their currency is the Terra Token.

±520 Settlements Available
Currency: Terra Tokens
Currency Exchange Rates
1 Terra Tokens 1.66667 Frost Dollars
1 Terra Tokens 12500 Gas Gems
1 Terra Tokens 0.18519 Lava Coin
1 Terra Tokens 2.5 Leaf Credits
1 Terra Tokens 2.5 Star Tokens
1 Terra Tokens 5 Wave Credits